Proofreading in Dutch and Flemish

When your text needs a professional review

Korrektur på hollandsk og flamsk

When your text needs a professional review

I review the text, researche the topic, and correct grammatical errors

It is always good with a second look!

If your text is about professional, specific topics, it is important that the right words and expressions are used..

Technical language is a language you won’t find in a dictionary. It requires background knowledge. I guarantee this knowledge when your technical material needs to be updated.

But it can also be help with setting up text in a e-mail, adjusting a contract, marketing material that lacks the right dispute, CV, website texts ect.

Let me know what your needs are.

I guarantee perfectionism and a good dialogue.

Please feel free to contact me by e-mail or phon if you have any further questions!

Erwin Kuipers – – Danish and English to Dutch and Flemish. Tlf. +45 5025 0983 / E-mail.: