Technical understanding

With a passion for language

Technical understanding

With a passion for language

Du you need a stable, long term agreement? Or du you have a single task you need to solve?

Translation from Danish or English to Dutch!

” It requires the right knowledge to choose the words that fit exacly into the context and the terms covered by the assignment

I often find that manuals are not translated in a correct way, which leads to errors and frustrations.

And right there I can help with my many years of knowledge an experience

Born and raised in the southern parts of The Netherlands, close to the border with Belgium, I decided in 2022 to start as a technical freelance translator and interpreter.

In addition to Dutch, I speak and write Danish, English and Flemish. And I have lived and worked in Danmark for more than 11 years.

I am a educated Electrical Engineer with many years of technical experience, especially with industrial plants, automation, and pumps. In addition to electrical systems, I have many years of experience with theater engineering en power distribution in My hometown, Bergen op Zoom, The Netherlands.

With a background and a passion in technology, culture, history, music and language, I am also in the process of improving my Danish language skills. The goal is a bachelor’s degree in Danish. In my spare time I play music and have traveled all over europ play jazz music. Today i play actively in Fredericia Bigband and Jazzband Kolding on the trombone

Let me know what your needs are.

I guarantee secrecy, ethics and morals.

Please feel free to contact me by e-mail or phone if you have further questions!

Erwin Kuipers – – Danish and English to Dutch and Flemish. Tlf. +45 5025 0983 / E-mail.: